What is Undertale ?

Warning: If you are reading this without playing the game, you will be eating very heavy spoilers.

Undertale is a 2D 8-bit RPG video game created by Toby Fox.The game consists of 108 soundtracks. The game is about the war between humans and creatures. When the war is won by people, the monsters are trapped underground with a powerful spell. and it is necessary to unite the spirit of a monster or to permanently break the barrier with seven human souls.

The main character of the game, this boy named Frisk, whose gender is uncertain, falls into the mountain, into the world of creatures and begins a journey to return among people.

The game received mostly positive responses by critics and actors based on the scenario. Frisk accidentally fell underground and fell on Chara’s golden flower tomb.That is why the evil spirit of Chara is united with Frisk. Frisk can listen to himself and end up well, but he can listen to Chara’s soul and end badly.

His determination, Determination, makes him very powerful, so you only need to hit 1 hit on most bosses in the game. The game is currently being sold for 18 Turkish liras on the steam page. As soon as it was released on September 15, 2015, many of them got very high scores from the game review (review) companies.

Normally, the game review companies gave the notes against indie games with a little swell, while this game gave full points without exaggerating.Undertale’s producer, Toby fox, almost made this big game music, dialogues with monsters, pixels, and much more alone. doing remixes and even buying! Undertale even has a dlc with all its songs. In this news, we talked about Undertale.

There is a lot we do not tell more. Stay with DETERMİNATİON to see you in our next news.

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