Why Computers Cannot Really Generate Random Numbers

Why Computers Cannot Really Generate Random Numbers

If you need to make a random choice, you can flip a coin or roll an appropriate object. However, computer software can never generate a random number. It is not important to play a favorite album, but betting areas such as security and gambling are very important to us.

Choose Any Number

Modern computers can do quite amazing things. So why can’t they imitate a simple roll of dice? It all depends on how computers are programmed.

Computers; it simply follows the list of instructions on how to perform its tasks.

They are the slaves of the instructions, so they can be fully predicted. Engineers have
developed different methods to produce something very close to random numbers, even if computers cannot actually generate random numbers .

Why Computers Cannot Really Generate Random Numbers

Closer to Random Value

One way to find random numbers in appearance is the random number generator. These algorithms are; It uses things like mathematical formulas or predetermined number tables to generate random number sequences.

Nowadays, so-called random number generating algorithms are so good that it requires a realistic detective study to determine if the numbers are not actually random. However, this is possible. With the right programming; Running an online poker game or encrypting sensitive data and playing people with online account balances can be done by reverse engineering.

Why Computers Cannot Really Generate Random Numbers

The second method; we can state that real random number generators actually produce randomness. Here we are concerned with a technique. The reason is; real random number generators use physical phenomena to extract true randomness and then use it to generate a random number.

These physical phenomena can be as simple as a translation of real dice. But; It is easier to measure, such as radioactive decay, background noise in the atmosphere, or the amount of time between a bird’s keystroke sounds.

Not that; there are algorithms included in real random number generators, which are never actually random.

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